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Pauline Roberts, an Argentine percussionist, singer, and composer based in NYC, passionately pioneers the expansion of percussion across diverse genres through interdisciplinary collaborations. Focused on the vibraphone, drums, and vocals, she draws inspiration from her classical music training, aiming to spotlight her instruments in pop, electronics and jazz/rock.


In her childhood, Pauline envisioned her favorite TV character—a woman wielding drumsticks. This spontaneous visualization has remained a guiding force throughout her journey. It's no surprise that her present-day muses are female bandleaders and solo percussionists.


Though Pauline's journey may seem deeply personal, she acknowledges the profound impact of individual actions on others. She firmly believes that music and the arts serve as the ultimate unifying force for humanity, transforming personal expression into a universally shared experience. This underscores the significance of collaboration and community in her creative endeavors.



Pauline Roberts is a percussionist, singer, and composer based in New York City. Originally from Buenos Aires, she received a grant from the National Arts Foundation (AR) for the commission of new pieces for vibraphone and electronics. She became the interviewee of Frank Zappa's archivist, discussing her interpretation of "The Black Page #1." Pauline has performed at PASIC 2023, the Parsons Benefit Gala 2023, and presented an original composition at Sweetwater’s Studios. She also contributed to Billy Martin’s Netflix motion picture soundtrack, "La gran Seducción".

Notably, Pauline serves as the vibraphonist and timbal sub for NYC’s all-female salsa band, Lulada Club, recently featured in Rolling Stone Magazine. She was a two-time finalist for Hit Like a Girl, a contest she now proudly represents as an ambassador.


Pauline is a trailblazer in her field, being the first woman in 18 years to graduate from the National University of Arts in the percussion department (AR) in 2021. She has also completed her MM Performer-Composer degree at the New School, graduating in the class of 2023 (NYC). With a history of recording and collaborating on numerous albums, she is currently working on her debut solo album, "Nuevas Músicas Para Vibráfono y Electrónica."

As an educator, Pauline has conducted masterclasses at institutions in Argentina, Panamá, Honduras, Perú and has been invited as faculty for Marimbafest 2024 (AU).

Pauline is sponsored by Marimba One, BlueHaus mallets, and TRX cymbals.

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