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Billy Martin’s Motion Picture Soundtrack for “La Gran Seducción”


Pauline is a frequent collaborator with the renowned drummer of the group Medeski Martin and Wood. On this occasion, she played the glockenspiel for the soundtrack of the Mexican movie, which reached the top 10 on Netflix upon its release.

Additionally, Pauline performed this soundtrack live at Billy’s birthday celebration.

(Billy Martin) La gran ensamble.jpeg
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Pauline is the vibraphonist and sub-timbalera of the all-female salsa orchestra based in New York City. They were recently featured in Rolling Stone magazine.
In 2024, they will release their first EP with two original songs, in which Pauline participated on vibraphone.



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WONGGONGCHANG MEGA EXPLOSIVE is An 8-part song cycle written for 6-piece electroacoustic ensemble, chronicling the deadliest man-made catastrophe in Chinese history. 

Pauline performs Kaiwei’s piece on drum set and percussion, playing a crossover of electronic music with free improvisations. Performed by Kaiwei with Pauline Roberts, Ethan Cohn, Shinya Lin, Samantha Kochis, and Jonathan Reisin. Composed by Kaiwei. Artworks & Animations by Nancy Hu.

Kaiwei's Website


Eunoia is a suite of pieces exploring mental wellness, balance, and relationships. Musically exploring harmonies that promote a feeling of wellness and balance.


This piece explores the concept of eunoia as a wellness of mind. Harmony of mind. Harmony in relationships. Knowledge and love of oneself. Not necessarily unending positivity, but harmony within the dialectic of positivity and negativity as a pathway to calm and balance.

Listen to Euonia:

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1- (songs for my) Odometer Readings is a short film that reflects on love and the work we do for others through the lens of physical distance, mileage, and of course, cars. The film includes original music and cinematography as well as live electronics. 

Sam Zagnit- Concept, cinematography, bass, electronics, and voice
featuring Pauline Roberts, vibraphone.

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1- "(songs for my) Odometer Readings"                                              2- “Addicted to the Hum” 

2- Addicted to the Hum is an experimental opera for 4 vocalizing instrumentalists, with live electronics, exploring the inner psyche of self-doubt, self-sabotage and queer healing through the use of odd and quirky metaphors, clashing musical styles, and light-space art. What do you do when your refrigerator door won’t close, and how do you fix it? 

Sam Zagnit - concept, music, bass, voice and electronics

Amber Evans - soprano, electronics, original text

Samantha Kochis - flute, voice, original text

Pauline Roberts - vibraphone, voice, electronics, original text

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APFUS, Julián Muro's upcoming album, produced by Dave Douglas in NY. A result of his collaboration with the Bergamot String Quartet and a sextet of highly accomplished jazz players (Kulusé Souriant, Ethan Cohn, Pauline Roberts, Alex Perry and Rintaro Mikami) .

The music sheds new light on Argentine styles (Tango, Folklore, and Rock Nacional) and shows the possibilities of cross-collaboration between several traditions, including but not limited to Classical and Jazz, enrichening each of these musical traditions alike while raising a question about the possi
bilities for songwriting outside of the mainstream.


Argentine musical duo comprised by Franco Degiustti (guitar and vocals) and Pauline Roberts (drums and vocals). Active in Argentina for over 8 years, they released their first album “La primera última vez” in 2018.

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Pauline played xylophone, glockenspiel and sung for the Tobias Brukman Orchestra


As a first experience recording an album, Pauline was a part of Los Peces, a alternative rock band. Released in 2018, she recorded drums and backup vocals. 

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