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As an artist, Pauline blends drums/percussion, vibraphone, and vocals into an avant-pop style, drawn from various influences.

Her classical-contemporary training in Buenos Aires intertwines with the energy of free jazz and jazz-rock from New York City, resulting in a composition of personal and captivating songs and interpretations/covers.

Calles Opuestas: Acoustic live session version. This is Pauline's 2024 Tiny Desk Contest submission.

Goodbye (Say No): Under the direction of Polilla Audiovisual, this music video tells the story of a woman seeking liberation through the process of learning to say "no".

The Black Page #1: Pauline's interpretation of this Frank Zappa piece led her to recognition as a percussionist, resulting in interviews with prominent figures such as Zappa's archivist, Gerry Fialka.

Étude for a New Sunrise: Song in the form of an "Étude" for marimba and voice.

Baila: This composition by Ivan Trevino captures the Latin style through the combination of marimba and voice.

Te Para Tres: Her version of the emblematic song by Gustavo Cerati has been created in collaboration with Valeria Tartara and produced by Julian Rulo.

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